When A Former Soviet Citizen Complains About Comcast’s Bureaucracy, You Know It’s Bad

Comcast is a former Worst Company In America champ and has already moved on to the second round of this year’s tournament, but how does Kabletown’s bureaucracy compare to the red tape of the Soviet Union? One émigré from the USSR says it’s worse.

When Emil wanted to save a few bucks each month he decided to lower his monthly Comcast bill, he tells the Chicago Tribune.

The company was able to lower his month bill by $27 and Emil thought the transaction went off without a hitch.

That is until he realized that the company changed his long-time phone number with no explanation.

Emil called the company immediately and they promised to fix the mistake. That was March 12. The following day he called the company again and was passed from department to department to try to find a solution.

“Each time I call them, they say, ‘Call again’ and that’s it,” he said. “Why I’m absolutely frustrated, they promise every day. They said one day it would be done after 7 p.m. Of course, nothing was done.”

Finally after contacting the Tribune’s What’s Your Problem column, Emil’s phone number was changed back on Wednesday. An associate with the company apologized and provided him with a credit.

He’s still trying to figure out why it took Comcast so long to fix a problem they created.

“When we were in the Soviet Union, it was bureaucracy,” Emil, who emigrated 25 years ago, says. “Now I’ve found it’s even worse (with Comcast).”

Emil says everyone makes mistakes, he’s just glad to have his phone number back.

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