Comcast, Abercrombie, Chase Victorious In First Day Of Worst Company Competition!

wcia2014headerThe 2014 Worst Company In America competition got off to a big start today with readers turning out in droves to vote on the tournament’s first three match-ups that saw a former Golden Poo champ flexing its muscle, a tournament mainstay making its case for the WCIA title, and the year’s first upset.

comcastvyahooCOMCAST VS. YAHOO!
Things got off to a huge start with Comcast’s bloody trouncing of Yahoo. In spite of the fact that Yahoo has many more users than Comcast has cable subscribers, or that even Yahoo employees refuse to use its glitchy e-mail system, the public’s image of Comcast as an all-devouring, cable/Internet/broadcasting behemoth was apparently enough to propel it to a nearly 90% of the vote. Comcast won the whole enchilada back in 2010 when it acquired NBC. Could its greedy attempt to merge with fellow competitor Time Warner lead to another title for Kabletown? Next up for Comcast will be the victor of the first-round showdown between Facebook and DirecTV.

When we peeked into the WCIA crystal ball, we did not see this one coming. Even though Abercrombie & Fitch has irritated people with its rude CEO, alleged mistreatment of disabled customers, questionable treatment of employees, and other complaints, we didn’t think the retailer had enough detractors to beat a huge, established airline like Delta. And yet, A&F walked away with nearly two-thirds of the vote.

Looking ahead, Abercrombie is destined to test its mettle against another, larger retailer — either Walmart or CVS Caremark.

chasevsgmCHASE VS. GM
This just goes to show you how much people apparently still dislike big banks. Even though GM is currently going through a PR nightmare –recalling oodles of cars with a defect that the carmaker acknowledges resulted in at least a dozen deaths, but which could be a lot more, all while investigators continue to turn up evidence that the car company knew about the problem for a decade — it still wasn’t enough to beat out JPMorgan Chase, which managed to earn 61% of the vote in today’s closest battle.

In the next round, Chase will go up against one of two companies, each of which is currently the center of controversy — either the massively hacked Target or wage-war-waging McDonald’s.

Voting continues tomorrow with another three matches coming your way.

The WCIA bracket has been updated to reflect today’s results:

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