The Consumerist Quiz: Can You Match Popular Food Brands With Their Corporate Parents?

How closely do you pay attention to the companies that make the products you and your family eat every day? Many of the most popular brands of packaged food and beverage items in the U.S. are owned by the same few dozen multinational companies, some of whom own several competing brands. It’s time to test your knowledge of which big companies are filling your pantry.

Without opening a tab in Wikipedia, doing Google (or Bing) searches, or running to the kitchen, take the quiz below to see whether you can pair up these popular food brands with their parent companies…

[UPDATE: An earlier version of this quiz mistakenly identified Coca-Cola as the owner of Dannon, when in fact that brand is owned by Groupe Danone. That question has been removed from the quiz (but now we all know the answer!) and we’re sorry for the error.]

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  1. MathManv2point0 says:

    20%! Worse than if I had just randomly guessed.

    • SirJanes says:

      I just selected the next to the last option on all and 25%. Many, perhaps most, of the ”popular” names I had no idea what the product was.

  2. Thorzdad2 says:

    I’m a terrible consumer.

  3. Liberal says:

    i think Aunt Jemima is owned by the Quaker Oats company. At least the Auntie I use to cover my pancakes with. The frozen foods is Pinnacle.