Taco Bell Sends 1,000 People Burner Phones With Secret Breakfast Missions

taco-bell-breakfast-phoneDo you harbor a secret desire to live inside a spy movie, but with nothing important at stake? Do you also like waffles? If so, it’s too bad that you weren’t one of the 1,000 fast-food influencers on the list to receive Taco Bell’s “breakfast phone.” It rings with secret, breakfast-related missions for the bearers to fulfill. The phone is not shaped like a waffle taco. 

You know, the waffle taco, that strange, messy, breakfast food that Taco Bell is inflicting on the nation even though its very taco essence is debatable.

We wouldn’t be allowed to accept the phone, or any waffle taco-related missions, even if Taco Bell had sent us one, because of no-freebies rule of our parent organization. One of our favorite blogs, Brand Eating, got one, though, and shared the weirdness with readers. Q reports that the secret Breakfast Phone is less exciting than it sounds. It doesn’t invite him to secret waffle drops or syrup tastings.

Mostly, it rings with prerecorded messages suggesting social media missions. “So far the missions are delivered throughout the day (and night) via pre-recorded messages and revolve around social media,” notes Q, “with prompts like ‘Tweet which Taco Bell breakfast item are you into’ and ‘Where would you rather have a new Taco Bell Waffle Taco a beach in sunny California or in NYC?’ with 4-hours to complete each task.”

Many phone recipients have been following orders.

As Taco Bell publicity stunts go, this is at least 90% less creepy than sending Taco Bell-themed jewelry to pretty models and actresses.

News: Taco Bell Sends Out 1000 Breakfast Phones [Brand Eating]

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