Sally Beauty: Credit Card Info Of 25K Customers Illegally Accessed, Might’ve Been Stolen

sallybeauty2After a bunch of stolen credit card numbers were reportedly found for sale earlier this month on the underground market where one buys such things, all linked by the common denominator of Sally Beauty customers, the company said today that credit-card data of fewer than 25,000 customers records was illegally accessed and it’s possible that info was stolen.

The beauty supply company said it’s working with the U.S. Secret Service to assess the situation and investigate, reports the Wall Street Journal, and added that it’s still working with Verizon in an internal probe it started at the first hint of a breach. The telecommunications company has also been helping with the recent massive security breach at Target, which thus far has affected up to 110 million customers.

Sally Beauty said “it is difficult to ascertain” how big this breach is, the company “will not speculate as to the scope or nature of the data security incident.”

Translation: The company sounds like it’s still figuring out just what kind of mess it has on its hands. So if you’re worried about your information, it’s a good idea to check your credit card statements and keep an eye on your credit card report.

The company had said previously that it’d caught what it thought was an attempt to sneak into its system, but didn’t think anything had been taken. It now adds that it believe the threat is over.

Sally Beauty Believes Customer Data May Have Been Stolen [The Wall Street Journal]

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