V-Moda Replaces Headphones After Wear Leads To Static

Xavier bought a pair of nice quality headphones from V-Moda, and liked them so much that he carried them along everywhere he went. When he started having problems with the device, he inquired about repairing the earbuds, but V-Moda had a better idea.

I just had a great customer service experience that I thought I should share with you guys. I bought a pair of V-Moda Vibe Duo headphones with the inline mic for my phone from Amazon.com about a year and a half ago. They came with a nice pouch and fabric covered cables which pretty much prevented them from getting tangled up and fit my ears much better than other headphones I’ve used. I really loved the headphones and took them with me everywhere I went. As a result, they eventually started showing signs of wear. A small part of the fabric covering the cable came loose causing the wires to become exposed (which was fixed with a little glue), the wire mesh from one of the in-ear buds fell off, and occasionally one of the sides would emit a tiny bit of static. Basically the issues weren’t big enough of a deal to warrant buying another pair so I emailed V-Moda for an estimate on repairing them.

Within a day, I received a response by Joanna who asked me to send the headphones in (with proof of purchase) for them to check out. I sent them the headphones and within 3 days of shipping them out, basically the day they got them, I received an email from Josh stating my new pair was in the mail. This took me completely by surprise because I was expecting them to send me an estimate on the repair, not replace them altogether for free! Also, their warranty is only for a year and it is only supposed to cover defects, not wear and tear from constant use. Needless to say, I am completely thrilled with V-Moda at the moment for the awesome customer service they provided. Yes, some will probably say this isn’t a big deal since they’re only a set of headphones but I paid about $90 for them (a far cry from my usual $12 pair) and I really didn’t want to buy another set. Also, the set they sent me was the upgraded version that came out after I had purchased mine so I got a better set then the one I had. The entire replacement process was quick, total time from initial email to getting the replacement was about a week, and I’m ecstatic to be using a comfortable set of headphones as opposed to the Apple ones, which tend to really hurt my ears. Thanks for taking the time to read my email and keep up the great work.


Very nicely done, V-Moda! It’s not a huge deal, but nice to see a company standing by its products.

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