How To Successfully Bake A Cherpumple Cake In Honor Of Pi Day

(amcurtis77 on Instagram, via because isn't that just lovely?)

(amcurtis77 on Instagram, via because isn’t that just lovely?)

What a wacky thing Pi Day is — celebrating today’s date, 3/14, which is like the first three digits of Pi, 3.14, with dessert? Whatever! Pie is yummy, say the masses. You can ramp up that devotion to Pi/pie day with the cherpumple- – a cherry pie, apple pie and pumpkin pie, all baked into a cake.

It’s within your reach, ye of faint baking heart. Lest you think you could never concoct such a monument to dessert inception (a dessert within a dessert, see?), has an easy how to, including evidence of successful cherpumples past.

Here’s how you make your own 15-pound monument to excess:

1. Make each layer separately as well as the cake to encase them all. Grab your favorite recipes, bake up each pie, and then grab your cake mix.

2. Pour about 1⅓ cups of the cake batter into either a square or round pan — whatever will fit a pie as well.

3. Remove the first pie from its tin and push it into the batter, making sure it’s in there but don’t shove hard enough to destroy it.

4. Cover it with batter and bake as the directions instruct.

5. Repeat the process with each pie, cooling all three cakepies before the final step.

6. Layer the cakepies like a layer cake, using the frosting of your choice in between and all around.

It might sag under the weight of deliciousness, but appearances aren’t everything. The taste of three pies within a cake, that’s everything.

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