KFC Big Boss Is A Big Mac Clone With Two Giant Chicken Filets

Okay, double-decker burgers are nothing new. Chicken patty sandwiches are nothing new either. Big Mac clones are nothing new. Heck, even wacky fast food genre-bending creations from KFC are nothing new. Yet we’re fascinated with this new offering from KFC, the Big Boss. It’s exactly like the Big Mac, but with fried chicken filets instead of beef burgers. Unfortunately, you can only get it in Canada.


The good news is that often foreign outposts of fast food outlets often serve as test kitchens for items that will eventually migrate to trays and bags here in the United States. Maybe that didn’t work out so well for Mighty Wings at McDonald’s, but maybe the Big Boss has the right appeal and a price point that makes sense.

Naturally, Canadian news outlets have announced this new sandwich with all kinds of puns about KFC “doubling down.” Please. This is nothing like the Double Down: there’s no bacon.

KFC’s Big Boss Burger Looks Like a Big Mac with Fried Chicken [Foodbeast]
Big Boss or Big Mac? KFC doubles down to attract young customers [Hamilton Spectator]

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  1. C0Y0TY says:

    I will not try it because, as was pointed out, there’s no bacon.

    • Xenotaku says:

      They used to have this really good sandwich that was, like, chicken, cheese, bacon, and a Hawaiian bun. And it came with a side and drink for $6. Totally the best meal available from fast-food. And they got rid of it.