Add “Setting Off Firecrackers” To List Of Things Never To Do In A Crowded Movie Theater

We all know not to even yell “fire!” in a movie theater — but to actually create an explosion by setting off homemade firecrackers, especially in light of deadly movie theater shootings in recent years, that’s just really an awful thing to do.

Police responded to reports of loud blasts at a mall near Baltimore, reports CBS Baltimore, after moviegoers panicked at the sound of explosions.

There were about 300 people in the theater when a man allegedly set off homemade firecrackers inside it,  prompting the evacuation of the entire cineplex while officials searched for the source of the explosion.

“Next thing I know, everybody’s just jumping out of their seats and screaming,” said one witness of the noises, which many thought were gunshots ringing out. “We saw a gentleman say, `There’s an emergency exit’ and we ran out and I turned around; a lot of people from the mall were sprinting out,” he recounted.

Cops say no one was hurt by the explosions, but that whoever did this is in seriously hot water.

“It appears to be some sort of prank that should not take place and the person responsible needs to be brought to justice,” said a police lieutenant.

Police have released images of the person of interest and are hoping someone will come forward with his identity.

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Anne Arundel Police Search For Suspect Who Set Off Explosives In Movie Theater [CBS Baltimore]

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