This Oscar Mayer Turkey Is Spicier, And There’s Less Of It

Sure, extra spices really add something to a prepared food item. Do they add enough to justify making packages a whole ounce lighter? Well… in the case of this Oscar Mayer shaved turkey that got slightly spicier but lost an ounce, the answer is “probably not.”

Reader Chris sent along these pictures from Target. “If you haven’t seen already the shrink ray has hit Oscar Meyer lunch meats,” he writes.


Has it? These products differ slightly: one apparently has a little more spice than the other. Does that justify having eight ounces instead of nine?

We’re trying to find someone at Oscar Mayer to get back to us about this product and explain whether the spicier product is smaller or it has legitimately been Shrink Rayed. We’ll let you know when we hear back.

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