Man Arrested At Airport Security: Wait, You Can’t Bring Guns In Your Carry-On?



There are some things you can see often without really seeing it, ya know? Like the plethora of signs at any airport anywhere telling you not to bring weapons like guns, knives or throwing stars on the plane. Maybe one guy just saw those too often — or not enough — as he reportedly didn’t know you can’t bring a handgun through airport security in your carry-on.

Yes, traveling with a gun you have a license for is just fine — if you check it, unloaded, in your luggage and declare it beforehand.

But Transportation Security Administration officials say a man arrested at Baltimore Washington International Airport had the handgun in his carry-on, reports CBS Baltimore.

“TSA officer who was staffing the x-ray monitor noticed what appeared to be a firearm — a handgun and two clips with 36 rounds of bullets as well,” a TSA spokeswoman said.

The passenger reportedly told officials he didn’t realize you can’t bring guns through airport security checkpoints. He was arrested and his gun was confiscated.

He’s not alone — the TSA rep said there were about 1,100 firearms detected on passengers nationwide.

So let’s be clear on this one more time, via the TSA spokeswoman: “You can never have a firearm with you in the plane cabin.”

Not loaded, not unloaded, not ever.

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