Yep, RadioShack Declared Bankruptcy Today

Yep, RadioShack Declared Bankruptcy Today

In a completely unsurprising piece of news, RadioShack, a retailer that used to periodically sell some electronics, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, as predicted. Negotiations earlier this week resulted in an agreement where wireless carrier Sprint will take over about half of the chain’s stores, and the other half will close. [More]


What Are Chicken McNuggets Made Out Of? Chicken, Says McDonald’s

As McDonald’s continues its dogged quest to avoid the fact that proving to people that your food is actually made from what it should be means you’ve already lost, the latest video missive from the chain seeks to assure customers that chicken McNuggets are actually made out of chicken. Who knew? Apparently not the customers asking these questions. [More]


Reminder: Don’t Post Photos Of Your Paycheck On Social Media If You’d Like To Avoid ID Theft

One way to be sure you aren’t sharing your financial information with the entire Internet? Don’t post it on social media by way of a paycheck made out to you. Yes, you should be proud that you’re raking in the dough. But if you want to keep your identity safe, plastering it on the web is not the way to go. [More]


Man Arrested At Airport Security: Wait, You Can’t Bring Guns In Your Carry-On?

There are some things you can see often without really seeing it, ya know? Like the plethora of signs at any airport anywhere telling you not to bring weapons like guns, knives or throwing stars on the plane. Maybe one guy just saw those too often — or not enough — as he reportedly didn’t know you can’t bring a handgun through airport security in your carry-on. [More]

Attention, Ladies: You Don’t Have To Buy The Same Trendy, Sexy Underwear Everyone Else Buys

Attention, Ladies: You Don’t Have To Buy The Same Trendy, Sexy Underwear Everyone Else Buys

We know, we know — all of you women out there (yours truly included because chromosomes) always feel like you’ve got to buy whatever trendy underthings are currently deemed “sexy.” Or at least, a study that seeks to bust that myth says we might feel that pressure. Anyway, it’s not true. You don’t have to buy in to consumer trends, the researchers say. What a relief. [More]


Shocking News: All Froot Loop Colors Are Really The Same Flavor

Colored froot-flavored cereals like Froot Loops come in a rainbow of colors, and those colors align with different flavors of “froot,” don’t they? Well…no. They do not. All of the different colors in the box are only that: colors. [More]


Attention, Vegans: Yes, The Pumpkin Spice Latte Contains Dairy, Even When It’s Made With Soy

Now that Starbucks has stopped using ground-up bugs (cochineal extract, mmm) in its products, there’s a new, dairy-free battle vegans are fighting against the popular coffee chain, and it involves the beloved Pumpkin Spice Latte. [More]