Contractor Cleans Out Foreclosed House, Finds Deceased Owner

houseIf you suddenly disappeared, who would notice that you were gone? The neighbors of one woman in Pontiac, Michigan hadn’t seen her in years. She traveled a lot for work–maybe she was working offsite for an extended period, or she had moved away and simply not sold her house yet. No, she was home the whole time. In her Jeep. Dead.

“Haven’t I read this story already?” you might be saying. You’re probably thinking of when more or less the same thing happened a few years ago, in Florida. In this case in Michigan, all we know so far is that the deceased was from Germany, and had moved to Detroit to work in the auto industry. (Based on her owning a Jeep, we’re going to guess that she might have worked for Chrysler.)

Neighbors couldn’t agree on how long it had been since they last saw her. One said six years, and another guessed three. Authorities told TV station WXYZ that the woman was mummified, so she had been dead for at least a few years.

“You’d think because of her job, and we heard she had a son, so you’d think someone would’ve come looking for her,” one neighbor told a reporter.

Woman’s body found in garage of her foreclosed home in Pontiac years after her death [WXYZ]

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