missing persons

(Mummified in Michigan)

Body Found After 5 Years Of Auto-Paid Bills Finally Identified As Homeowner

The story of a woman in Michigan whose mortgage and other bills were paid automatically out of her five-figure checking account balance account while friends and family assumed that she was doing her own thing captured the public’s imagination. The idea that anyone could die and not be missed is chilling. Now DNA tests have confirmed that the homeowner was indeed the mummified body found in the back seat of her Jeep. [More]

Contractor Cleans Out Foreclosed House, Finds Deceased Owner

Contractor Cleans Out Foreclosed House, Finds Deceased Owner

If you suddenly disappeared, who would notice that you were gone? The neighbors of one woman in Pontiac, Michigan hadn’t seen her in years. She traveled a lot for work–maybe she was working offsite for an extended period, or she had moved away and simply not sold her house yet. No, she was home the whole time. In her Jeep. Dead. [More]

What Kathy Lee Didn’t Tell You About Cruise Ships

Maybe they’ll blame the Bermuda Triangle for their latest problems.