Yes, Your Valentine’s Day Flowers Might Be Late Because Of The Weather

Florists have a rare convergence of crappy conditions for this Valentine’s Day, typically their busiest day of the year. As snow and ice smack the East Coast, many businesses have concluded that they’d rather send their employees home safe to their loved ones than deliver dead plants to their customers’ loved ones.

Weather conditions in Raleigh, North Carolina are especially dire. That’s why one florist went right to local news and told them: nope, he’s not making deliveries tomorrow. Yes, he explained, many florists do about a third of their business for the year on the holiday. Doesn’t matter. Safety is more important, and the owner doesn’t want to make any deliveries tomorrow.

“For the safety of the drivers, we’re deferring our deliveries until Saturday and Monday,” he explained to WRAL. “We’ve got to call all our customers back and get permission to deliver Saturday or Monday.”

Up in Roanoke, Virginia, florists still plan to make deliveries if they can. The weather situation adds an extra step to the usual busy holiday, though: florists now need to call every orderer and re-check to make sure that the recipient will actually be around. Maybe they stayed home from work. “You have to call all those people who’ve already ordered to find out if they’re going to be at work or where they’re at,” explained one probably very busy florist to the Roanoke Times.

Raleigh florist delaying Valentine’s deliveries to keep drivers safe [WRAL]

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