Don’t Ask The Teen Taco Bell Employee To Hold On To Your Bottle Of Booze Until Tomorrow

There’s asking a fast food employee to do you a minor favor — like asking for extra condiments or having a dirty booth wiped down — and then there’s asking that employee to do something against the law — like stashing your bottle of booze in the eatery’s fridge for a day or so.

The Express-Star in Grady County, OK, has the story of an area man who faces charges of providing alcohol to a minor after he was caught handing a bottle of spirits to an unwitting 19-year-old Taco Bell staffer.

According to police, the man first asked the employee for a cigarette, then handed her a bottle with the request that she stash it in the Bell freezer overnight. He then ambled off toward a nearby Arby’s.

Not sure what to do, the teen took the bottle to her boss. Believing the bottle to contain alcohol, the boss contacted police, who tracked the man down to the Arby’s bathroom.

The man admitted to the officer that he’d just been to Taco Bell, but angrily denied giving away his joy juice to the teen employee. The officer detected the classic signs of intoxication — bloodshot eyes, unsteady balance, slurred speech, and presumably the fact that he was wandering around from fast food joint to fast food joint — and arrested him on allegations of public intoxication and providing alcohol to a minor.

The lesson to be learned: If you’re going to ask a Taco Bell staffer to hold onto your booze for the night, at least make sure she’s an adult before doing so. Then don’t do it and just go home and sleep it off.

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