Sure, We Need A Smartphone-Enhanced Piggy Bank

_MG_5880Smartphones have changed modern life, from our inability to disconnect from our jobs to making commutes more fun to making it possible to order items online from inside a store. There are some applications of smart technology, though, that are just plain stupid. Like the Porkfolio, an Internet-enabled piggy bank.

The idea behind the Porkfolio is that it counts your money as you put it inside the plastic pig, and you can check your balance from afar. You can set savings goals within the app, and the pig’s nose lights up when you insert a coin. Nice.

It also has a built-in accelerometer that can trigger alarms if someone steals your bank. Does it make a loud noise or just send you a push alert? The promotional materials aren’t clear on that point.

The maximum the bank can hold is about $100, so the alarm system may be overkill.

I have a plastic piggy bank that counts money for me, using the low-tech method of measuring the diameter of each coin. Sure, it mistakes pennies for nickels sometimes, but it only cost two dollars.

Porkfolio [Quirky] (via The Worst Things For Sale)

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