Jansport Still Wowing Customers, Fixing Broken Backpacks

Over a year ago, we shared with you a tale of consumer joy from a Jansport backpack owner who sent his bag to the company in a pizza box and got his worn-out backpack replaced with an even nicer one. They’re not all about swapping old backpacks for new ones over in Jansportland, though. Sometimes, all you need is a replacement zipper.

Reader Rishi was surprised to learn of the company’s lifetime warranty, and even more surprised when his bag came back to him in what seemed like no time at all. He was a longtime Jansport customer, and checked the company’s site to find out whether they offered warranty repairs. He copied us on his e-mail of effusive praise to Jansport.

“I was ready to buy a new bag when I thought to check your website about possible warranty service. I was surprised to see your lifetime warranty policy so I decided to fill out the form and mail my bag in,” he wrote. Surely no company really means a lifetime warranty today, though. Do they?

Here’s the timeline of Rishi’s bag’s travels:

January 16: Mailed backpack.

January 18: Backpack is scheduled to arrive at the repair facility.

January 20: Federal holiday. No mail.

January 21: Jansport lets Rishi know that the bag has arrived in their facility for repair.

Sounds reasonable. Only when Rishi got home from work on the 21st, the bag was sitting at the door, freshly re-zippered and ready for use. “I can only guess that you guys fixed it and shipped it back on the same day you received it,” he wrote to Jansport. “And for that, a very sincere thank you!”

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