There Is Now Sriracha Aged In Whiskey Barrels Because OMG, Sriracha

srirachawhiskyWhen you’ve got one thing that everyone and your neighbor’s cat goes crazy for (sriracha! On everything!) and combine it with another trendy thing (whiskey!) of course there’s an opening for a new product that will hopefully get everyone from those bandwagons to hop on one big wagon together. Thus, sriracha aged in whiskey barrels.

For evidence of our national obsession with sriracha, look no further than the panic that was incited when one hot sauce factory had to shut down. It wasn’t pretty — friends and family openly weeping in the street and sighing all over social media.

Building on that profound love of the stuff, a company called Sosu is peddling a Kickstarter product it wants to start shipping as soon as April: Sriracha sauce aged in oak whiskey barrels for one to three months for “a long smoky finish.”

Because this is a trendy thing it comes with locally sourced chili peppers, smushed with brown sugar, garlic, and salt. No word yet on whether a bearded fellow in plaid will serve it to you upon a platter of old cassette tapes and paired with an artisanal, locally brewed beer, but we wouldn’t be surprised. Trends! They’re so trendy.

This Sriracha is Aged in Whiskey Barrels for 3 Months [FoodBeast]

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