Would You Ever Be Able To Forgo Using Toilet Paper?

Every time you wipe in the bathroom, you’re basically flushing money down the toilet, not to mention creating well, waste with your waste. But is there any way you could ever do away with the whole thing and not use toilet paper?

We know what you’re thinking — it sounds crazy, even laughable. It’s not like most American bathrooms come with a bidet or any other kind of splashy alternative for keeping clean.

But three anti-TP users who spoke on HuffPo Live this week say it’s really no big deal — they just use cut up sheets of old fabric and keep it in a box in the bathroom. Once you use it, it goes into a bucket with a lid and gets tossed in the laundry once a week.

While one woman admits during the program that she and her husband are 80/20 on it — meaning they’ll use regular toilet paper about 20% of the time if they’re out and about — for the most part it seems to be a pretty normal part of their hygiene routines.

HuffPo host Caitlyn Becker seems a bit skeptical about the whole thing, as admittedly many people would be. And if you don’t have a washer/dryer in your home, doing the “bathroom laundry” once a week might be a bit tougher.

So we want to know:

Yes, There Are People Who Don’t Use Toilet Paper [HuffPo Live]

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