Bodum Recalls Starbucks French Presses: Shattered Glass And Boiling Water Are A Bad Combination


Do you know what really doesn’t go together?  A quart or so of boiling water, a plummeting glass container, and a lot of brown-colored, stain-tastic liquid. That’s been the terrifying result for some people who paid $40 for a pretty rose gold colored French press at Starbucks. 

The flaw with this product is the bottom. Specifically, the glass carafe can fall out of the metal and plastic casing. Consumers face the danger of being burned by water hot enough to brew coffee and injured by shards of broken glass.  Also, there would be coffee and grounds on their floor. Very unpleasant.

If you have one of these presses, you shouldn’t use it anymore. Sorry about the caffeine withdrawal. Deal with that problem by going to Starbucks, where you can also return the press for a refund. If you don’t have a Starbucks nearby or time to visit one, contact Bodum at (855) 378-6864 or e-mail

Bodum USA Recalls Coffee Presses Sold Exclusively at Starbucks Due to Laceration and Burn Hazards [CPSC]

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