Google Glass Debuts Frames That Fit Prescription Lenses (That You Might Actually Want To Wear)

Makeover for your peepers.

Makeover for your peepers.

Admit it, the first thing you might think upon seeing Google Glass is, “But those frames, ugh!” Then there’s the constant comparison to Geordi LaForge — your average person may not be going for that look. To appease the style seekers out there as well as those who actually need real glasses to see, Google has unveiled new frames that can fit prescription lenses.

Because being able to actually see while you’re wearing glasses is a nice thing, Google decided it was time to provide styles that can fit prescription lenses. Of course, you could also just use the frames with non-prescription lenses if you want to just use the glasses as Google Glass glasses. Say that three times fast.

Google announced the recent additions on its blog, reminding those who have vision insurance that their policies might even cover the new frames. This is in line with talks Google reportedly had with VSP Global — the company that provides Google’s own vision insurance — about taking Glass to a wider network of eye doctors and all the people enrolled in VSP as well.

The Titanium Collection includes four new styles and then there are three new styles of twist-on shades for Google Glassing in the bright sunlight.

Let’s be clear here, though — I never want Geordi LaForge to change his style or eyewear. Never.

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