Should Season Ticket Holder Seniority Be A Factor In Super Bowl Lotteries?

For many sports fans, having season tickets is like a marriage. It’s expensive in the beginning and maybe gets even pricier, but you know when you commit at the start that it’s a relationship meant to last a long time. And heck, maybe you’ll get to go the Super Bowl if you put enough time in and stay loyal. The marriage metaphor falls apart there, but that’s how one disappointed family felt after 50 years of having season tickets.

One man defeated by the lottery system that bestowed tickets on some lucky Broncos fans says it was “painful” to be left out in the end. He’s a third generation Broncos ticket holder — his grandfather bought the tickets in 1963.

“It’s rough,” he told CBS Denver. “Years of therapy and I’ll be fine.”

He got a postcard this week letting him know he hadn’t been selected for Super Bowl tickets, and he feels maybe seniority should come into play in situations like this.

“There are a lot of season ticket holders that have not had tickets as long as we have who have received Super Bowl tickets,” he explained.

The Broncos had 14,000 tickets to give out for the Big Game, but didn’t say how many of those went to season ticket holders. The team said tickets were made available in accordance with league guidelines.

Meanwhile, the man says he won’t abandon his team after all this time, despite the disappointment.

“We will be Bronco fans till we die I’m sure,” he said.

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