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Did Buying Mile High Stadium Naming Rights Doom Sports Authority?

Buying the naming rights for its hometown NFL team’s stadium put Sports Authority’s name in front of millions of football fans, but it also may have ultimately doomed the company. [More]

Heath Alseike

Denver Broncos Hope To Not Play Another Season At Stadium Sponsored By Retailer That Doesn’t Exist

The Denver Broncos played all of the 2016 NFL season at Sports Authority Field, a stadium named for a retailer that went bankrupt a little more than a year ago. The 2017 season is still many months away, but the Sports Authority name still looms over the Broncos’ home turf. [More]

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Broncos And Mile High Stadium Take Back Naming Rights From Sports Authority

While pocket knives and parkas flew off the shelves at Sports Authority’s going out of business sales, and foosball table, desk chairs, and iMacs flew out of its former headquarters building through Craigslist ads, one of the bankrupt company’s assets didn’t sell: the naming contract for the field where the Denver Broncos play, which the chain had bought in 2011. It’s now official: the team and the stadium district have agreed to terms and effectively bought back the rights from the defunct retailer. [More]

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Denver Broncos Take Back Naming Rights Contract For Their Stadium

Sports Authority is dead. The store merchandise is mostly gone, and the iMacs and foosball tables have been cleared out of the former headquarters building. There’s one important thing left, though: the naming rights to the arena where the Denver Broncos play. The remaining years on the retailer’s contract were for sale as part of the intellectual property auction, and there were no takers. Even after two deadline extensions, no one was interested, so the stadium authority and the team have taken the rights back. [More]

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Sports Authority Auction Draws No Bidders For Mile High Stadium Naming Rights

Dick’s Sporting Goods may have scooped up the Sports Authority name and 31 stores in the auction of the latter retailer’s assets last week, but it appears no one was interested in the naming rights to reigning Super Bowl champions Denver Broncos’ home stadium.  [More]

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Bankruptcy Court Agrees To Let Sports Authority Out Of One Of Its Team Sponsorships

A sporting goods retailer that’s going out of business doesn’t need to plaster its name on billboards at sporting events, and that’s why Sports Authority would prefer to end its sponsorship contracts with various teams and to sell the naming rights to the arena where the Denver Broncos play. Most of those disputes over sponsorship contracts remain unresolved, but the former retailer and the reigning Super Bowl champions have come to an agreement over the sponsorship of the Broncos. [More]

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Sports Authority Prepares To Auction Off Its Name, Your Name, Broncos Stadium Naming Rights

When a company files for bankruptcy protection and goes out of business, it sells off everything it owns with any value. That includes your name, if you’re on the retailer’s mailing list or part of their loyalty card program. Even the company’s own name goes up on the auction block. In the case of Sports Authority, the bankrupt company’s intellectual property includes the right to plaster their name on the field where the NFL’s Denver Broncos play. [More]

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Super Bowl Tickets Going For Record Prices In The Resale Market

If you’re planning on heading to California on Feb. 7 to catch the Super Bowl showdown between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers, be ready to have your bank account sacked. Tickets for the big game are currently selling for record-high prices.

Should Season Ticket Holder Seniority Be A Factor In Super Bowl Lotteries?

Should Season Ticket Holder Seniority Be A Factor In Super Bowl Lotteries?

For many sports fans, having season tickets is like a marriage. It’s expensive in the beginning and maybe gets even pricier, but you know when you commit at the start that it’s a relationship meant to last a long time. And heck, maybe you’ll get to go the Super Bowl if you put enough time in and stay loyal. The marriage metaphor falls apart there, but that’s how one disappointed family felt after 50 years of having season tickets. [More]