Robber Calls Ahead So Gamestop Workers Can Set Aside The Xbox One He’d Like To Steal

Let’s get this straight: In no way is robbing a store ever something we would praise. But it does take a certain amount of chutzpah to actually call the location you’re intending to rob and ask employees to set aside the items you’d like to steal later. So in the box labeled “critical thinking skills,” one bad consumer in Nashville would at least get a check mark for thinking something like this might work. Because it did.

Police in Nashville say there’s surveillance video from outside the GameStop store that shows a man arriving in a parking lot one morning and circling for an hour before rolling up close to the store, reports

Cops say that’s when he got up the nerve to actually call the store and ask that a $499.99 Xbox One and about $200 in games as a gift. Oh, and could you please have those items ready to pick up on his way to work? Sure, say the workers, and go about collecting his items.

Then officials say the suspect entered the store with a blue mask over his face while holding a black semi-automatic handgun and approached the clerk to take the items he’d asked for — and about $600 in cash from the register while he was there — before fleeing.

He’s organized, to say the very least, and it sounds like the cops have yet to arrest him.

Police: Gamestop robber called ahead to have items set aside []

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