This Ad Almost Makes Me Want To Try A Burger King Lamb Burger

Lamb burgers are nothing revolutionary (and are often quite tasty) but they aren’t exactly something most people would think about rushing out to a fast food mega-chain to get. So how do you get consumers to associate a premium product with a bargain burger chain? For Burger King New Zealand, the answer is to wealthy-up the joint with a couple of super-rich gun-toting old gents.

Yes, BK NZ has unleashed the characters of Sir Roger Poppincock and Baron von Cravat upon the world, complete with their fancy pants, “rich person laughs,” and a gun that fires off in the middle of a Burger King.

As funny as the ad is, we can’t imagine Burger King running an ad in the U.S. that includes a character casually shooting a gun into the ceiling of one of its restaurants… Of course, BK US would probably introduce a cuddly little lamb character to sell the sandwiches to little kids.

All that said, for the $8 price tag on this lamb burger, I’d rather spend a couple bucks more and get one from an actual restaurant.

[via Mumbrella]

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