We Wish We Had More Information About This Hilarious Thing

UPDATE: One of the things we felt certain of has been proven to be wrong! Ron is not Ron. He is Ryan, notes commenter Reverend Ted. And it seems he’s now well aware of his 15 minutes of Internet fame.

The pro shop is on a course in Tennessee, it seems, and Ryan and Billy have made it to the big time in the few short days they’ve been on YouTube — even appearing on Anderson Cooper’s “RidicuList” segment.

The company behind the golf course has also been tweeting about the video here.

Mystery solved. But we still kind of liked not knowing exactly what was going on with Ron/Ryan and Billy. Doesn’t make us love them any less now that we know.

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Step into our minds, friends. It’s a warm place, usually a happy place, and there’s plenty of cheese to go around. But there is something bothering us here at Consumerist, and it has to do with a little video we happened upon recently. Namely that it is downright hilarious and we don’t know enough about it.

What we know, or we think we know, about this video (H/T to HappyPlace.com) of a guy falling through the ceiling of what appears to be a golf pro shop, is that the two employees are named Ron and Billy. We know this, because after Ron falls through the ceiling and is lying on a pile of debris, calmly contemplating his next move, coworker Billy (off camera) greets him with a “Hey, Ron.”


So then Ron is all, “Hey, Billy.” Pause. “That hurt.”

Of course it did, Ron! You fell through the ceiling of a golf pro shop! But why were you up there, were you in a crawl space looking for a hidden cache of golden golf balls? On the roof investigating a strange noise that could be the ghost of Old Caddy McFarley? What’s going to happen next? WHO IS TO BLAME AND WHERE IS THIS GOLF SHOP?!?

These are important questions and we want to know the answers, because Ron needs to start a business training people on how best to handle falling through a ceiling. Also, if you’re out there, Ron, let us know you’re okay: Email tips@consumerist.com. We want, nay, need to hear from you.

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