You Could Control Your Oven With Your Smartphone. Should You Want To?

brillonLet’s say that you bought a GE wall oven recently. It’s all right, but something is missing from your life. You couldn’t quite articulate what it is, but a recent announcement from GE clarified things. What you needed was the ability to control your oven from anywhere using your smartphone. The good news is that you can fix this grave error on your part after the fact.

What’s new is that you can fix this grave error on your part after the fact. Yes, smart ovens are a thing now, and ovens that you can turn on and monitor from anywhere are also a thing.

Controlling your oven and other appliances from elsewhere seems like it could go horribly wrong, but GE is expanding the feature instead of rolling it back. Ovens could once only be controlled by smartphone from a home’s wi-fi network: at best, you might be able to preheat from your neighbor’s house. Some GE ovens that weren’t remote-controllable smart appliances right out of the box can gain that superpower if you download the company’s Brillion app.

Personally, I’m waiting for heatproof webcams so I can watch and live-broadcast the progress of my cupcakes.

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