There Are Easier Ways To Get A Banana Than Crashing Your Car Into A Gas Station

Brazen. Reckless. Pretty much a waste of time. You can use any of those words to describe a theft that seems so utterly pointless that you’ve got to wonder why anyone went to the effort to pull it off. Because buying a banana for what, a quarter? That’s a lot easier than ramming a gas station with your car to steal one.

Police in Newington, Conn. are on the lookout for the alleged banana bandit who apparently had such a jones for the fruit that he took drastic measures to get what he craved, reports WCHS-6. And then he just split.

Cops showed up at the gas station in the wee hours of the morning upon a report of an active burglary alarm, and found the entry doors had taken quite a beating.

After watching the surveillance video, police saw the suspect pull up in a station wagon and repeatedly back into the doors until he smashed an opening in the glass. He then walked into the store, unmasked and apparently making no effort to hide his identity, grabbed a banana from shelf, and went to town.

After peeling and eating the object of his desire, he simply walked out of the store in the same vehicle he used as a battering ram.

Here’s a hint: Stores will sell you bananas and you don’t even have to subject your personal property to damage or wreck a gas station in the process. I know, crazy!

Man rams car into gas station; steals banana then leaves [WCHS-6 News]

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