Delta’s Overhauls Prove That Charging Phones, Bathroom Comfort Are Equally Important

When you imagine the often trying experience of air travel, what are the things that make you happiest? A bathroom that doesn’t feel like the walls are closing in on you? A free power outlet to juice up your electronic connection to the outside world? Or maybe the satisfaction that comes with knowing there’s overhead bin space waiting for you, all for you… Ahem. Anyway Delta is overhauling some of its planes with all those things in mind.

Delta announced yesterday that it’s got plans to shell out $770 million through 2016 to remodel the interiors of 225 narrow-body planes, usually the kind that make short-haul domestic flights, reports the Chicago Tribune.

That includes seats with power outlets, bigger bathrooms and overhead bins (with up to 60% more room) and in some cases, more economy seats. Which yes, probably means less leg room. But hey, you can still play that one game on your phone without worrying about battery drain!

Delta is also installing “slim-line eats” in its economy sections, something other airlines have been doing as well, that have thinner seatback cushions and are lighter.

“We’re continuing to make smart long-term investments in our products and services to meet the expectations of our customers,” said Glen Hauenstein, Delta’s executive vice president and chief revenue officer.

Delta to add seats with outlets and bigger overhead bins on 225 planes [Chicago Tribune]

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