CVS Valentine’s Display “Keeps It Sweet” With Candy, Flowers, Condoms, Plan B, Toy Handcuffs

It surfaced on Twitter: a “romantic Valentine’s display” at a CVS store somewhere in southern New Jersey with a very pragmatic take on what customers might need for a special evening. On the shelf: cupcake-shaped bath bombs, roses, picture frames, condoms, a variety of personal lubricants, a dose of Plan B, some “male enhancement” supplements, and toy handcuffs. Hmm, some of those things don’t seem appropriate.

Indeed, the official CVS Twitter account weighed in to say that this was not a racy new company-wide Valentine’s Day promotion. The company was looking for the “inappropriate display” in order to take it down.

The whole thing could have been the work of a passing prankster, not store employees. The display offers too much one-stop shopping for most customers’ tastes.

The ever-helpful commenters over at our estranged ex-sister site Jezebel also point out that metal handcuffs are not appropriate for recreational use. So keep that in mind the next time you’re planning a night of light bondage armed only with supplies from the corner pharmacy.

CVS Selling Handcuffs With Plan B So You Can ‘Keep It Sweet’ [Jezebel]

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