Need An Aspirin Or Some Deodorant? CVS Vending Machines Offer On-The-Go Options

Image courtesy of CVS

We’ve all been there: You’re going about your day when suddenly, your stomach is growling, you’re struck with a blinding headache, and you realize you forgot to put on deodorant before you left the house. So now if you’re having one of those days when everything goes wrong, CVS wants you to hit up one of their brand-new vending machines for a quick fix.

CVS is rolling out new vending machines at “select landmark locations” in the Northeast, like airports — including New York City’s LaGuardia Airport — public transit stations, and college campuses. The first 25 machines will be ready for business between now and the end of October, and CVS is considering adding 50 or more locations elsewhere in the country in the future.

Although machines will each be customized to suit the location they’re in, they’ll be stocked with things like over-the-counter medications, beauty and personal care products, eye care and oral health care products, first aid items, batteries, phone chargers, earbuds, and healthy snacks and beverages.

Machines accept all major credit and debit cards, and feature a touch screen that can bring up high resolution images with expansive product information and a QR code reader to read barcodes and promotional codes.

“These new vending machines allow us to make our innovative CVS Brand products available to customers outside of our store locations for the very first time,” said Cia Tucci, Vice President of Store Brands and Quality Assurance at CVS Health. “The CVS Pharmacy vending machines will be located in places where we can bring our customers smart solutions and convenient access to the products they trust when they are on-the-go.”

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