Flight Canceled Due To Toilet Clog, Allegedly A Diaper

Let’s get the public service announcement out of the way: if you’re taking care of someone who is very young or very old and uses diapers, there are many ways to dispose of them. Flushing them down the toilet should not be on your list of options. Allegedly, a United Airlines flight from Phoenix to Cleveland was delayed, then canceled because a passenger did just that.

Officially, a United spokesperson told reporters that a toilet clog was to blame. One passenger told the Cleveland Plain Dealer that wasn’t quite it: a modern jet was grounded because of a disposable diaper sent down the toilet.

“After six hours of giving us diaper updates, they finally just cancelled the flight,” he told the newspaper. Sounds enthralling.

Sure, the plane could have taken off with the clog, but a flight with no working bathroom might be the only thing worse than using an airplane bathroom.

Toilet clog cancels United flight to Cleveland from Phoenix [Cleveland Plain Dealer]

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