Up And At ‘Em, Easter Bunny: Chocolate Eggs Hit Shelves

This isn’t the earliest that we’ve ever seen it on the shelves, but we want to let our loyal readers know that Easter candy is now available at selected grocery stores nationwide. How do we know this? Our loyal readers have spotted the displays and reported back.

Yes, the candy canes and Reese’s peanut butter Christmas trees have barely even gone on clearance sale, but here come the chocolate eggs.

Dessa spotted this Cadbury at QFC, a Kroger-owned chain. Our favorite part by far is the bottom sign, printed on Christmas-themed paper and promoting the eggs as great stocking stuffers. Which they are, we suppose. A few years ago, King Soopers, another arm of Kroger, said that their customers wanted Easter candy in their Christmas stockings.)


Sara took this rather blurry picture at a Stop & Shop in Connecticut:


Finally, Eric found this display at Kroger. Of course it was Kroger.


“Forget valentine’s candy, easter is here already!” he wrote.

Happy holidays! Every holiday. All at once.

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