Starbucks Pay-It-Forward Chain Continues For 1,468 Customers

We were impressed when we learned that 450 Starbucks customers in Connecticut paid for the order of the next person in line in a multiple-day chain of generosity. Today, we learned that the chain ultimately continued for a thousand more drive-thru customers, spanning a few days after Christmas.

What kept the chain going was a sort of rolling fund that extra “donations” were added to, and that baristas used when someone rolled up to the window with no one behind them. Presumably, the fund also came into play when someone in line wasn’t interested in playing along.

“It means a lot people are still looking out for other people and being caring and bringing out the holiday spirit,” one customer who joined the chain told NBC Connecticut. (Warning: Auto-play video)

Customers who would break the chain aren’t all Grinches or cheapskates, by the way. One Consumerist reader confessed in our comments last week to breaking the chain…and we think that their reason was legitimate.

I had my free drink reward and no cash… when I got to the window the guy was all “The people in front of you already paid for your drink! Someone paid for theirs, so they paid for yours.”

I asked what the person behind us ordered, and they said “Four drinks.” I felt bad and said “Thanks! Have a great day!”

The generosity even spread across the country, where a 50-car prepay-it-forward chain began at a Starbucks outside of Detroit.

Starbucks Customers Paid it Forward for Days After Christmas [NBC Connecticut] (Warning: Auto-play video)

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