Maybe The Domino’s Delivery Guy Spotted In Taco Bell’s Drive-Thru Line Is Just Sick Of Pizza

Sometimes it's just taco time.

Sometimes it’s just taco time.

Let’s say you like pizza. Because really, who doesn’t? But perhaps if it’s your job to be around pizzas all the time, bringing them hither and thither and wherever paying customers want them delivered, you might kinda get sick of the pie scene. There’s no law saying you can’t patronize other fast food establishments, but it’s still pretty funny to see the Domino’s guy cruising through the Taco Bell drive-thru line.

Consumerist reader Chris snapped the above pic while waiting behind a Domino’s delivery guy — as evidenced by the brightly lit sign bearing the pizza company’s logo on top of his car — near Dayton, Ohio.

“Nothing like being behind a Domino’s delivery guy in the late night drive thru at Taco Bell line,” he writes.

Either this is one delivery dude who has eaten/seen enough pizzas to last him a lifetime, or he’s working on some kind of frankentacopizza combo. Which, come to think of it… hmm. Might not be so bad?

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  1. theoriginalcatastrophegirl says:

    as a former fast food worker at several different restaurants, i’d bet this is a food trade.
    the managers of both stores agree to write off equivalent orders of food as employee meals, and dominos gets taco bell, taco bell gets dominos.
    most common in my experience was pizza trades because the delivery driver can make the swap.
    but i used to work in a few different spots along one stretch of road, so at times i was the taco bell employee walking over to checkers to swap for burgers, and sometimes i was the checkers employee making the trade the other way. we even negotiated a 3 way trade one night – taco bell – checkers – papa johns.

    • Cyborg says:

      I had a similar situation. I worked at 2 different pizza places as a night manager. I would orchestrate trades 2-4 times a month depending on my schedule. Most of the time we traded with a bar for wings or burgers, and occasionally with Panera for sandwiches and bagels. There were a few trades with a local chicken joint and a Chinese place, but the best was when we traded with another pizza place. While everyone gets sick of their own pizza, I could still enjoy someone else’s. The Hut would never trade but the Papa Johns guys and other independents were all over our independent pizzas.

      I would always ring it up as an employee purchase for a few pies and I assume they did the same. For about $5 in employee pizza I was able to get maybe $20-30 in equivalent food from the other guys. I think it worked out for the best for all involved, eating the same food everyday got old fast, a little variety went a long way.

      I always told my driver to remove his car topper before the trip though.