Armed Mugger Disappointed By Victim’s Old Phone, Returns It

LGQUANTUMDear criminals of the world: Stealers can’t be choosers. If you’re going to go around indiscriminately robbing people of their phones in public, you can’t always expect to walk away with a spanking new Galaxy S4 or an iPhone 5S. No, sometimes you’re going to get a 3-year-old LG Windows phone that is so much of a letdown you’ll feel compelled to return it to your victim.

1010 WINS Radio in NYC reports that a couple of men were walking through Central Park on Saturday when a baddie pulled a gun on them and demanded their wallets, briefcase, and phones or, you know, he’d kill them.

But as the armed villain was surveying his take, he noticed that one of the stolen phones was a 2010 LG Quantum, complete with slide-out keyboard.

“He just took a look at it and he didn’t recognize it at all,” recalls the victim. “I just assumed that he couldn’t make any money off of it. So he handed it back to me and a minute later I was able to call 911 and get the whole thing started… It’s like, finally a pro for having something out of date.”

Presumably not wanting to get teased by the other members of the local thieves guild, the robber gave the phone back to his victim before fleeing off to his underground lair.


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