This Christmas, Fend Off Bad Guys Disguised As Santa With Your New TASER

If we posted every ridiculous or terrible ad that popped up on Facebook, we’d have no pixels left to post anything else. But Patrick encountered this ad for TASER flashlights that is simultaneously strange and scaremongering, and features a balaclava-clad man in a Santa hat meant to scare Facebookers into ordering a handy stun gun flashlight.


“Not sure which is worse, the fact they reminded me Santa isn’t real or they’re going the ADT advertising route…” It could be that Santa is real, and this baddie is only impersonating him, so no one is ruling out that Santa is real and gets his mail in Alaska.

By “ADT advertising route,” Patrick means using the fear that all people have of mysterious bad guys. A stun gun is a powerful self-defense tool, one that probably shouldn’t be in the hands of someone with no training or who hasn’t at least read the five pages of warnings that come with the Strikelight.

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