Apple Wants Samsung To Start Paying The $60M In Lawyers’ Fees It’s Spent In Legal Fight

The back-and-forth legal fight between Apple and its current nemesis Samsung isn’t a cheap one: All that litigating and finger pointing has cost Apple about $60 million so far.

The big number was revealed in legal documents Apple filed yesterday because the company needs to pay its bills, it seems, and wants Samsung to start chipping in to cover those costs, reports Reuters.

Apple’s asking the judge in charge of the case to get Samsung to pay $15.7 million of its total legal costs.

“Awarding fees to Apple ‘flows quite naturally’ from the jury’s willfulness verdict as well as Samsung’s extensive record of willful, deliberate, and calculated decisions to copy the iPhone, in blatant disregard for Apple’s IP,” Apple’s attorneys said in its filing.

It also added in the documents that it’s already shelled out a whole lot of dough to outside law firms through last month, which doesn’t include other lawyers who have billed less than $100,000 on the case.

So now we all now what it costs to have a fight with another ginormous company that makes billions of dollars. My fights usually cost me just a bit of red-facedness and an awkward apology later. Much easier.

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Apple spent over $60 million on U.S. lawyers against Samsung [Reuters]

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