Lululemon Says Lawsuit Makes It Seem Like The Company Sold Sheer Pants On Purpose

You might recall the sheer pants debacle from last year when Lululemon customers were finding that when they bent over in their pricy pants, anyone looking could see right through the fabric to their private bits. But Lululemon says that a securities fraud lawsuit makes it seem like the company knew about that defect and just hoped no one would notice, which is not true, according to the company.

Lululemon’s Chief Executive Christine Day wrote in a filing this week that the company didn’t attempt to cover anything up (well, yeah, that was the pants’ problem) and never intended to sell hundreds of thousands of the sheer pants with consumers none the wiser, reports Reuters.

She says the company “disclosed in real time” that it was trying to recall and fix the issue with pants that had luon fabric, as soon as reports started surfacing that the pants were showing what they shouldn’t.

Shareholders, however, have accused the company of trying to cover up the defects, as well as hiding plans to replace Day. She announced she was leaving on June 10 (but is staying on while a successor is hired), kicking the company’ share price with a 17.5% drop in the process.

Lululemon says lawsuit wrongly suggests intent to sell sheer pants [Reuters]

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  1. econobikerredux says:

    Apparently the material specification was either deliberately or unknowingly loosened up over time. Purchasers of the clothing from when it was early on commented on how much it had changed for the worse in the newer clothing.
    And many men were sad…

  2. CommonC3nts says:

    This is a big deal about nothing.
    People need to grow up instead of whining about pants.
    Its not like the company refused to give refunds or exchanges, even though the problem might have been larger people wearing too small of a size.