All 12 Districts From ‘The Hunger Games’ Now Have Their Own Chocolate Bar

If this chocolate catches fire, it will melt. Get it? Fire.

If this chocolate catches fire, it will melt. Get it? Fire.

For those unfamiliar with The Hunger Games series of books and now movies starring Jennifer Lawrence shooting people with a bow and arrow, the population is divided into 12 districts of Panem (the future name for the U.S.), each with their own industry that provides materials for the fancy people in The Capitol. Those in the outlying districts probably didn’t get to eat chocolate, but hey, that hasn’t prevented a new line of candy bars just in time for the next movie.

It seems to be an ever more popular trend for popular movies and TV shows — Breaking Bad beer, Downton Abbey and Fifty Shades of Grey wine just for starters — to branch out into as many consumer areas as they can, often including wine lines or other food offerings, and the new Hunger Games: Catching Fire lines from Vosges Chocolates are no different.

These are ho-hum flavor combinations though — there’s a $225 Capitol Truffle Collection in the catalog as well as bars just for certain characters like the main player, Katniss. Then there’s a line of $4 bars with the emblems of each district, flavored depending on what that district produces.

For example, beef jerky and smoked mesquite in milk chocolate for the district that produces livestock and mined salt and milk chocolate for District 12’s mining industry. Jerky and chocolate, yes. I’m intrigued.

The Wild Ophelia line will be sold nationwide at Walgreens, Safeway stores and local retailers, reports the Chicago Tribune.

It’s the first license for the company in its 15 years, and the founder says she created 33 recipes in four months for the product.

“It’s amazing exposure for us; to have all these people see the brand,” she says. “It’s a good fit because they’re telling a story; and I’m a storyteller through chocolate. So this was right up my alley.

The first districts on sale will be Districts 12, 10, 7, 6, 5 and 3, with the others appearing in stores with the DVD release in March. Gotta spread out that promotional value, right?

Vosges introduces ‘Hunger Games’ inspired chocolates [Chicago Tribune]

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  1. StevenB says:

    Umm, the actress is Jennifer Lawrence….NOT Jennifer Carpenter.

  2. wsuschmitt says:

    I picked up a Katniss “Golden” Chocolate Bar while wandering through ORD last week… I will partake when HG2 comes out on the 22nd…

  3. SingleMaltGeek says:

    Damn, Vosges? I came to make a snarky comment about co-opting popular brands to boost ones that can’t make it on their own, but Vosges exotic chocolate bars are AMAZING.

  4. Saber says:

    I think I’ve been the only person of any of my friends who sees this (and the corresponding makeup deals) as anti-messages in terms of the theme and purpose of the books. Celebrating the makeup/physical beauty is a trait of excess that only the Capitol/upper class has, when the message of the book is internal beauty/inner worth. Sometimes I just don’t understand how marketing people can put together ideas with their product, especially if they’ve had contact/read/watched the original work.

    • Xenotaku says:

      This, actually, I don’t mind for marketing, and I’ve been pretty “they’re doing WHAT?!” on their marketing (looking to do a theme park? REALLY, Lionsgate?).

      But this one actually makes sense, giving a feel for each District. This, to me, is less about the events of the books/movies, and more about the world itself.

      Also, I can see it almost as an apology for cutting the stuff with the different breads in the first movie, showing the differences between the Districts.