Walmart’s Nightmare Before Christmas: Cereal Edition

christmas_halloween_crunchIn practical terms, there isn’t much of a difference between one sugar-coated breakfast grain product and another. There’s even less of a difference between Cap’n Crunch products for different holidays. Somehow, though, we still find this combined cereal display spotted at Walmart just as amusing as an honest-to-Santa Halloween tree.

Tipster J. works at Walmart, but not at the Walmart where this picture was taken. J. just had to know: where did this idea come from? Why stack up holiday cereals from different holidays in the aisle?

“I asked an associate in that department,” J. explains. “He said that the Christmas and Halloween are grouped together in the computer, so he was told to put them together. No idea about the Count Chocula though.”

I’m not sure that explanation helps at all. Worse, we had just sort of assumed that this picture was taken sometime before Halloween. Nope: November 12th.

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