The 5 Jobs With Widest Pay Gap Between Men & Women

Sadly, lots of people won’t be shocked to find that many women in the workforce still earn less than their male counterparts, but you may be surprised to see just how wide that gap can be, especially on jobs where gender would seem to play absolutely no role in one’s success or failure.

24/7 Wall Street recently ran reviewed info from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to put together this rundown of the jobs with the widest pay gap between the sexes.

Here are the jobs (not including things like professional baseball player) where average male salaries are the farthest away from what women earn for the same gig:

5. Education administrators
Education has always long been a female-friendly career path, and nearly two-thirds of the 704,000 school administrators in the U.S. are women. But the median weekly salary of a male is $1,566 while the median for females is only 67.2% of that amount ($1,052).

4. Personal financial advisors
The salary numbers are virtually identical for this position as they are for education administrators, with the median female weekly salary of $1,016 being 66.3% that of their male counterparts who take home a median salary of $1,532 each week.

3. Real estate brokers and sales agents
Here is another job in which women are a large majority of the workforce (60%) but where they make much, much less than men. The median male salary for these folks in the real estate biz is $1,031, while the females only earn 66% of that ($680).

2. Retail salespersons
There are more than 1.8 million retail salespeople in this country, selling everything from clothes to cars. And across that entire group, the median weekly income for a female salesperson is $436, 64.3% of the $678 earned each week by the guys.

1. Insurance agents
The widest gap in pay comes in a position where women and men are just about equally represented. But in spite of that balance, the pay gap appears to be wildly tilted in favor of men, with women only earning a median weekly salary of $641, which is 62.5% of the $1,026/week earned by men.

Check out the full list at 24/7 Wall St.

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  1. CommonC3nts says:

    For insurance agents and realtors, the different in pay is all up to the individual.
    Those are jobs which are commission based so your pay is tied to how many sales you can make so women making less means they are making less sales.

    Is that because they are women? Is that because they are not as good at their jobs? Is it because they are more ethical wont lie to make a sale? Is it because customers would rather buy from a man?
    There are so many reason why they are making less and it does not have anything to do with their bosses or company they work for.