Sriracha And Bacon Candy Canes Are A Thing Now. No, Not Together

If there’s anything we learned during the controversy over the eye-burning chili stench put out by the new Huy Fong sriracha factory in Irwindale, California, it’s that people on the Internet don’t want anything to get between them and their favorite hot sauce. J&D’s, the inventors of such life-changing products as Bacon Salt, thrives on capitalizing on the Internet’s favorite products, and have introduced sriracha-flavored candy canes.



Foodbeast points out that the canes look enough like a peppermint candy cane that they have some serious potential for pranks. Hmmm. Yet at $8 per box or 67 cents per cane, plus shipping, is that worth it to you?

It’s just a relief to be writing about a novelty food product that isn’t pumpkin spice-flavored for once.

SRIRACHA CANDY CANES [J&D’s] [via Foodbeast]