You Could Pay $395 For An “Upcycled Shelving Unit” Or Just Find A Ladder & Stick Boards On It

Start clearing out your garages, sheds, basements and anywhere you might be storing a ladder you don’t need: Apparently there are people willing to pay $395 for an “upcycled shelving unit” that consists of two boards on a ladder. Or at least, someone on Craigslist thinks there’s a market for such “furniture.”

We’re all about recycling old household objects to make something new and useful, but shelling out almost $400 for such a thing is beyond our ken. Maybe the ladder belonged to Baron Von Munchausen or the third-in-line to the throne of Anvilania and is finished with a stain made from unicorn hair and Dodo bird tears because otherwise we can’t figure out how such a thing could cost so much.

From the Craiglist ad (h/t to Uproxx):

This rustic ladder shelving unit is made from a 12′ ladder with two upholstered burlap boards. The ladder comes apart and folds up and can easily be taken apart for transport. I also have another ladder shelving unit that was made from the same original ladder and is also available upon request.

Nothing about dwarves soddering together joints made of Mithril far into the mines of Moria either, so who knows why this thing costs so much. If you buy it, let us know what magic it contains deep within its wooden soul.

This Craigslist Ad For An ‘Upcycled Ladder Shelving Unit’ May Be The Most Brooklyn Thing Ever []

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  1. CommonC3nts says:

    A very lazy fashiony person or hipster would probably pay $395 for a garbage dump shelving unit.

  2. C0Y0TY says:

    This would go perfectly with a $595.97 brick-elevated particle-paneled platform bed. Some assembly required.

    • theoriginalcatastrophegirl says:

      so you would make your own at home?

      personally, i prefer the panache of a well loved milk crate as a furniture support style

    • SingleMaltGeek says:

      Assembly?!? If I pay $1195 for an Industrial-Themed Authentic Cable Spool Coffee Table ™, I’d better not have to assemble anything!

    • Raekwon says:

      I’m selling a bunch of fashion forward belts made from recycled power cables.

  3. timm6350 says:

    The “snark” is strong with this one grasshopper…..

  4. Airwave says:

    Echoes of Regretsy. I miss that site.