Now We Know What Happened To That Creepy Burger King Mascot

BKfallIf, like me, you were plagued with nightmares of that super-creepy, mammoth-headed “King” character from those Burger King ads that ran on TV (and in print, and in video game form) for far too long, then you may be sad to know he hasn’t gone away. He just works behind the counter at Taco Bell now.

This image of the King toiling behind the counter of a Taco Bell was one of our favorite workplace Halloween get-ups. No idea if the folks at Taco Bell HQ or the Burger King Secret Underground Lair (Hint: It’s underneath Burger King Manor) would be terribly amused, but we also don’t care because it’s funny.

Just for a few more giggles, here’s how one bank got into the Halloween spirit yesterday… No word on whether they had a Plinko game set up off to the side, but we’re just going to lie and say they did:

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