Cellphone Lost Underwater Had To Hold Its Breath For 3 Months, But It Still Works

There’s dropping your phone in a glass of water, dumping it into a toilet and that time you fell into the town water fountain while reaching for a particularly shiny quarter, and then there’s losing your phone underwater for three months. Forget that trick with bag of instant rice — that phone’s gotta be well and duly drowned, no good, right? Actually…

According to the owner of a Lumia 800 smartphone made by Nokia who posted on the company’s Swedish page (as reported by The Times of India, because I don’t know Swedish. Yet.), he lost his phone in a lake three and a half months ago.

After months of phonelessness, the lucky guy finally found his phone stuck between two rocks in the lake. It was covered with all the things you would imagine are in a lake: muck, wildlife, perhaps a hermit crab in need of a home, who knows.

But when the guy turned on the phone — everything was humming right along. Here’s how the Internet translates his Swedish post, so you can get the idea (we left out the weird bits that didn’t translate well):

“Let it dry on a radiator and then I put in the charger cable … .

Imagine my surprise when it boots up as usual! Everything works just like before, the camera is great, battery life is two days and so on…”

Questions I would ask if I knew Swedish: Was it in a sealed plastic bag when it fell into the water? Were there any anti-water spells placed on the phone before it fell into the water? Are all fish in Sweden Swedish fish?

Nokia phone lost underwater for 3 months, still works [The Times of India]

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