Facebook Wants To Track Where You Move Your Cursor While You Ignore Your Friends’ Posts

Because there is nothing that can’t be tracked, quantified, and turned into rad-looking chart/diagram/map, Facebook is now testing its ability to track where users move their cursors while browsing the site, presumably so it can visualize how frequently you click “hide” on all those game invites that never stop.

According to the Wall Street Journal’s CIO Journal blog, Facebook’s head of analytics believes there is value in knowing where users’ cursors go and in which parts of the screen they hover at any given moment.

Facebook wants to know things, like “did your cursor hover over that ad… and was the newsfeed in a viewable area,” explains Mr. Analytics, who used to work at Zynga, the company responsible for many of those obnoxious game requests you ignore.

The website is currently testing this cursor tracking, not to see if it’s possible, but to see if it yields any useful data.

“We probably will know in a couple of months,” says Analyticus Prime, admitting that there is such a thing useless information. “Instead of a warehouse of data, you can end up with a junkyard of data.”

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  1. Snarkapus says:

    “And since a growing number of people are checking Facebook on mobile devices, the company is learning how track similar behavior in that cursor-free environment.”

    Quick, everyone turn off their phone’s chat camera!

  2. KDoggMDF3 says:

    Interesting… I actually wonder what their analysis will look like. In thinking about what I do when reading something online with respect to cursor location… often I do hover or circle over something arbitrarily without even realizing it.