We Can All Relax Now That The World’s Largest Chocolate Mousse Has Been Crowned

We know — you’ve been uncomfortably perched on the edge of your seat all this time, waiting breathlessly for the announcement on which chocolate mousse would become The World’s Largest. But sit back, relax and start breathing again folks, because the time has come. And it sounds delicious.

The Guinness Book of World Records bestowed the title on a 496-pound creation whipped up during a Florida mall’s annual chocolate festival earlier this month.

The big announcement came yesterday, reports the Associated Press, noting that the hefty dessert beat the former record of 313 pounds set in France in 2010.

In case you’re thinking of throwing your own apron into the ring, you’d first need to stop at the store to grab 65 pounds of butter, 108 pounds of chocolate, 24 pounds of egg yolk, 20 pounds of sugar, 50 quarts of heavy cream and five gallons of milk.

Not to mention that two chefs, numerous culinary students and five hours of pastry preparation in order to create the behemoth. Oh, and a super large spoon and/or a swim cap.

Guinness: Largest chocolate mousse at 496 pounds [Associated Press]

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