Stranger Pays For Family’s Dinner At Pizza Hut Because Parenting Ain’t Easy

Image courtesy of ABC 11

While not every parent can come prepared with things like goodie bags to apologize in advance for any bad behavior their kids may exhibit, that doesn’t mean that they’re not going to try their best to make sure their children don’t act out in public. One single mom was rewarded for the not always easy effort of parenting when a stranger visited a random act of kindness upon her family.

The Raleigh, N.C. woman has been through some hard times in recent years, reports ABC 11, including a divorce and having to move a few times. But every Friday night, she treats her family to a dinner out, choosing a different restaurant each week.

Last Friday night she and her family settled in at the local Pizza Hut, but since she’d taken the kids straight from school and daycare out to eat, her son’s ADHD medications had worn off by the time they were seated.

She did her best to make sure her kids behaved, and said she apologized in advance to a man sitting nearby, just in case her kids acted out. He said not to worry — he had three kids and could relate.

After the man had finished his meal and left, the waitress and manager came to the mom’s table to tell her that the man had paid the family’s bill and left them with a Pizza Hut gift card, as well as a handwritten note:

“I do not know your back story, but I have had the privilege of watching you parent your children for the past 30 minutes. I have to say thank you for parenting your children in such a loving manner.

I have watched you teach your children about the importance of respect, education, proper manners, communication, self control, and kindness all while being very patient. I will never cross your path again but am positive that you and your children have amazing futures.

Keep up the good work and when it starts to get tough do not forget that others may be watching and will need the encouragement of seeing a good family being raised. God bless!”

Kids cannot always be controlled — and any parent who says they can be is lying — but trying your best and being considerate to those around you? That’s always appreciated.

Family receives act of kindness at Pizza Hut [ABC 11]

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